Three teens inherit powers from an ancient cat deity and must defeat a ravenous enemy.

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Stray cat Felix leads a happy life skimming milk from his human friend Rose’s convenient store, until the local protection racket turns violent. To save Rose’s life, Felix breaks his vows and shares an ancient secret. Unfortunately, Rose uses her newfound knowledge to mix revenge and forbidden magic, unleashing a monstrous abomination that forces the mysterious Council of Cats to launch a global quest for the Relics of the divine Great Cat.

“Beautifully rendered… hit[s] you like a gut punch” – Matt Ligeti, Comic Book Yeti
“An artistic marvel…that will grab you, shock you, and leave you shaking for more” – Sasha Richards, Sirens of Sequentials
“Crackles with delightful, enthusiastic creativity…and beautiful art.” – Ben HowardGraphic Policy

The Story

Riley, Sidney, and Alex are three regular kids with not-so-regular cat problems.

When the Great Cat departed this world thousand years ago, it left behind Relics, which grant divine powers to their users. Cats have safeguarded the Relics for millennia, until a desperate cat revives the ancient magic to save his human friend—giving rise to a blood-thirsty monster with the penultimate Relic. Worried that the disappearance of humans could mean the end of treats and back rubs, the cats of the world must choose three people, so-called Guardians, to find and protect the most powerful Relic. In return, the chosen three gain command of the elements and the ability to take feline form. But unbeknownst to the cats and their appointed heroes, other forces have been watching the Relics, too…

Show kindness to a cat—you never know what could happen!


The Characters


Wielder of the Second Tail


Council of the Cats


Owner, JJ Convenience



Pangur Ban

Chair, Council of the Cats


Guardian, Green Emerald


Guardian, Red Ruby


Guardian, Blue Sapphire

The Great Cat

Cat Deity


Riley’s Cat


Sidney’s Cat


Alex’s Cat


Apprentice, Keepers of the Cats

The Team

Cortney Cameron is the writer for Catians. She’s been working on the current iteration of the Catians story since 2011, but the idea started as a childhood roleplaying game. By day, she works as a hydrogeologist researching water resources. Currently owned by two cats, she proudly feels she ascended to the next level of cat lady by making a cat comic. She thanks her siblings, Cassidy and Cody Cameron, for bouncing ideas and supporting the project.

Artist Luyi Bennett has been instrumental in getting the project off the ground as an editor, illustrator, and character designer. More recently, illustrator Isaac Anderson, colorist Sal Monaco, and letterer Reed Hinckley-Barnes have helped bring the story to life!


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Elements Icons (Fire, Water, Grass)

Great Cat Chibi

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