I’m a little starstruck that the Catians campaign got a “Project We Love” tag and even made it to the home page, all the while getting over 40% funded on the first day! I’ve been so touched by the positive outpouring for this story that’s so long been a part of my life and so long in the making. Sometimes it’s a little nerve-racking to put yourself out there without knowing if anybody will ever see or care about your work — or worse still, see it and not like it — after all the sweat and hours you’ve lovingly poured into it. I can’t overstate how moved I am, how affirming and motivating your support is to keep going, and I owe you a lot for that. I promise to work hard to make this comic series worthy of you, our fans and supporters. Thanks for helping to make this dream possible!

– Cortney

P.S. I also want to give artist Luyi major credit for her hard work in bringing the story to life and getting the word out.

P.P.S. Interested in the campaign? We have a reward tier for every budget and interest. Want your cat to star in the comic? There’s a tier for that. Want some original hand-drawn art sent to your door? We can deliver. On a strict budget? Get digital copies of Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 for $5. Click here to check it out.

Great Cat Chibi

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